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Within 3 minute walking distance

  • Minimarket ‘Fu Hao’, this Chinese mini market has a diverse assortment of products including fruit, batteries, flip flops, beers and much more.
  • Caribe Supermarket‘ for all your daily groceries.
  • Local restaurant ‘New Florencia‘ for rice with vegetables and chicken satay with fries. Often locals play domino outside.
  • Local Dominican Bar and restaurant, excellent food for extreme affordable prices.
  • Bus stop – There is a public bus stop at Berg Altena, next to ‘Caribe Supermarket’.


Within 5 minute walking distance

  • Fancy cocktail bar, local bars
  • Subway – American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads.


Within 12 minutes walking distance


Pietermaai district is a lively authentic trendy neighborhood. On the sea front you will find beautiful old buildings that have only recently been renovated. There are several nice restaurants and bars like Mundo Bizarro and Miles Jazz Cafe. The Scuba Lodge has an happy hour on Thursdays, another chill place on the beach front.  At trendy Saint Tropez Oceanclub you can spend a day at their pool lounge for $ 6 USD which includes the use of a beach chair. The restaurant has excellent dishes and there is free WIFI. The Avila Hotel will allow you to use their beach for a $10 fee including beach chair, there are several restaurants and bars on their premises. The Octagon museum is also located here. In 1812 the Venezuelan “Libertador”, the famous Simón Bolívar, lived in this building.


handelskadeHistorical centre Punda

The two main neighborhoods of Willemstad are Punda and Otrobanda. Punda is the area on the eastern side of the St. Anna Bay. Visitors feel as though they step back in time when they explore the narrow streets and historic forts in this area. These places have hardly changed since they were first created. The ‘Handelskade’ is the waterfront street exposing a row of authentic buildings like you would see in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. However, you will realize that you are on a Caribbean island and not in Europe when you see the bright colors of these buildings. Punda also has the floating market, where Venezuelans try to sell their fruit and vegetables. This is because Venezuela only lies 37 miles south of Curacao.

dushi curacaoNot to miss while in Punda

  • Handelskade – To take pictures of.
  • Floating market – To buy fresh fruit.
  • Wilhelmina plein – Lively square with several restaurants offering low priced food. The monument ‘Dushi Curacao’ is also located here, which offers great photo opportunities.
  • Plasa Bieu (old market) – The lunch place to eat local dishes.
  • Fort Amsterdam – Historic building, nice walk-through.

Within 25 minutes walking distance

localsHistorical centre Otrobanda

Otrobanda, which translates literally to “the other side”, lies across the St. Anna Bay on the western side of Willemstad. A pontoon-swing-bridge called Queen Emma connects Punda with Otrobanda for pedestrians. This bridge swings open numerous times a day to allow ships to dock into the bay. The very tall bridge called Queen Juliana allows cars to crossover. Otrobanda, enjoyed by tourists for its winding streets and large residential homes, is typically considered to be a more artistic and diverse area in comparison to Punda. In this neighborhood you can also find the Brion square, historically known for the riots on May 30, 1969, marking the start of the Afro-Caribbean civil rights movement on Curacao. The Rif fort was built in 1828 to protect the entrance of the St. Anna Bay and the outer part of Otrobanda.The fort lost its military purpose in the first part of the 20th century, nowadays it houses several restaurants and shops.

Museum Kura Hulanda

The Kura Hulanda museum is located in Otrobanda. This anthropological museum focuses on the predominant cultures of Curacao. It offers an interesting chronicle of the Origin of Man, the African slave trade, West African Empires, Pre-Colombian gold, Mesopotamian relics and Antillean art. The entrance fee is $10 USD and you will receive a map to guide you through the museum. The museum is located in a village complex known as Project Kura Hulanda, an initiative of Jacob Gelt Dekker. This Dutch Colonial historic district is an UNESCO World Heritage site. Jacob Gelt Dekker, a present-day adventurer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, has been rewarded with a knighthood from former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (mother of the present monarch King Willem-Alexander), naming Jacob an Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

mambo beachMambo Beach Boulevard (40 min)

Mambo Beach Boulevard (BLVD) is a strip that combines shopping, dining, entertainment and a lovely long outstretched beach sheltered behind a wave breaker. Here you will also find The Chill Bar for the relaxed Caribbean atmosphere and Madero Ocean Club. During the day you can sunbath at their pool or beach, in the evening you can go there to dance. Don’t miss Wet & Wild Beach club, a very lively place with happy hours on Fridays from  5:30 PM till 7 PM, and Sundays TWO happy-hours starting at 6 PM and 10 PM !! The many restaurants at BLVD have great variety: there is an Indian-, Mexican-, Italian-, Japanese-, and Lebanese restaurant.

animal-encounterSeaquarium, Animal Encounters and Dolphin Academy

The Seaquarium of Curacao is very unique as it has an open-water-system, allowing seawater to be continuously pumped into the aquariums. The aquarium offers tours and presentations, where you can learn more about the animals and watch and touch them as well.

There is also the possibility to snorkel or scuba dive and hand-feed sea turtles, stingrays, sharks, and many beautiful, colorful, tropical fish at the Animal Encounters or watch an underwater movie at their theatre.

Dolphin2At the Dolphin Academy, you will learn everything there is to know about dolphins. You can cuddle and kiss a dolphin, or swim, snorkel and dive with them.