01 331National Park Mount Christoffel

If you like hiking and you brought the right shoes for the occasion; the mount Christoffel climb becomes really worthwhile. We recommend an early start and to take 100 oz (3 liters) of water with you as it gets very hot, very quick. At the visitors’ center across the street, you pay about $12 USD park admission fee and they provide you with a map. Drive to the trailhead parking area for mount Christoffel and hike from there. If you start hiking from the visitors’ center, you will be hiking on a combination of road and trail. The trail to the summit is pretty steep and scrambling is required near the top. The view is beautiful and you can even see Venezuela if the sky is clear. Once you have hiked back to your car, drive to the other trailheads to see the ruins, cacti, orchids, iguanas and many other colorful birds. Some of these hikes offer plenty of interesting things to see but are relatively short.

boca pistolNational Park Shete Boca

Boca Tabla is located within the isolated National Park ‘Shete Boca’ on the rough north coast of the island. There is a small admission fee to get into the park and they will provide you with a map of the area. You can drive to small parking lot areas nearby the sites and walk up or hike the entire length of the park. It is amazing to see the hard waves crashing into the rock formations and then watch as they flow off of the flatter table-like rocks like waterfalls. One area features a natural forming bridge, another a small blow hole (‘Boca Pistol’). Near the park entrance you will find an area where you can actually enter a small cave and listen to the waves come roaring in. It is definitely a beautiful place and it is rarely crowded.


‘Watamula’ is said to be a spiritual site for the indigenous Indian population and some old Indian artifacts were found in this area. The location has several interesting features.

The “eye of Curacao”, which is about 6 meters deep and 4 meters wide, is in fact an entrance of a delicate channel of ten meters long that leads all the way to the ocean.

After walking some 55 yards (50 meters) along the coastline to the right (towards the west), you should be able to hear a deep breathing sound. The ocean’s waves push air through the porous rocks resulting in the “breathing” sounds. Therefore it is said that Curacao is breathing at this spot. The effect is so real that some can get goose bumps.

To the left of Watamula, you can follow a trail leading to a small secluded beach called ‘Playa Gepi’.

Tip: remember to never leave any valuables in your car when leaving it unattended.