01 270Plantation houses

About 55 plantation houses, left in different conditions, are still scattered all over the island. They were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. There used to be about 100 small plantations on Curacao. In the center of the plantation was the ‘landhuis’, the house of the master. The huts of the slaves and the store houses were shattered around the house. The slaves had to work on the land or in the salterns.

Some plantation houses turned into museums and if you are interested in the history and culture of Curacao, they are worth a visit. These include Landhuis Ascension, Landhuis Klein Santa Martha and Landhuis Knip. Others were renovated and turned into restaurants like Landhuis Brakke Put Mei Mei, where they serve excellent food. Landhuis Ascension also offers beautiful nature walks on specific dates.

01 272At Landhuis Dokterstuin you can eat typical local food such as Sopi Kabritu (soup with goat meat), Sopi Kadushi (soup with cacti) and Piska Kóra Hasá (fried redsnapper).