klein curacao2Klein Curacao

There are several boat trips going out to Klein Curacao, which literally means little Curacao (the smaller island). As the big star on the flag of Curacao represents Curacao itself, it is easy to figure out the meaning of the small star. This uninhabited island is amazingly tranquil. You can go snorkeling or diving as there is a big chance of seeing sea turtles up-close. The boat trip to Klein Curacao is long and can be bumpy but once you are there you will enjoy breakfast when the sun is just warming up the sand and water.


klein curacao The Mermaid offers good facilities, great food, breakfast and a barbeque lunch with nice salads. They also have a beach house with toilets and umbrellas that provide shade. After lunch they take you for a banana ride if you dare. Some people prefer to go with the Insulinde (a classic wooden sailing boat) or the Jonalisa (a modern catamaran sailing boat) also with great food; breakfast and a barbeque lunch with nice salads, two boats that will use their engine on the way out and depending on the weather/wind use their sails for the return trip.

Very often dolphins run with the boats making this trip really worthwhile.